Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The one that got away? - Day 2

Day 2
The One That Got Away
You bump into an ex-lover on Valentine’s Day—the one whom you often call “The One
That Got Away.” What happens?

Gabby could see her breath it was freezing cold all around her but inside she was burning up she could feel her resolve crumbling, She couldn't remember what she was supposed to be doing. All she wanted to do was submit to the urge. Give way to the passion, let it go don't fight it.
"Gabby, I love you" The sound of DJ's voice reminded her of what she needed to do.
"Please, Stop, I have to go we can't" She slowly stepped away keeping eye contact. Oh those eyes so pretty, she felt safe looking in those eyes. She stepped closer DJ smiled, that smile. Her blood ran cold, No stay focused,
"Please, I'm sorry I have to go. I can't do this anymore" "Don't leave Gabriella, Please Don't leave"
"I have to go"
It took Gabby 20 mins in the car to stop shaking, when she got home she grabbed some Moose Tracks Ice Cream sat on her couch and turned on My Girl. Spent the rest of Valentines days crying. She stopped 4 months later.

It took Gabby a few minutes to assess the situation. She was in fact standing in the produce section closely resembling a child of a hobo and cat women. Her auburn ringlets sat on top of her head in a bun knotty bun. No bra, oversized sweatshirt and extremely dirty pajama pants. She was pretty sure her eye makeup had married her eye boogers and produced weird kohl colored babies that sat in her eyes. She was hopeful that she was hallucinating and the vision in front of her was not standing there. She closed her eyes and wiped the cold kohl babies out, took a deep breath and looked again.

"Gabriella? GABRIELLA! Is that you?" DJ stood not 2 feet away from here. It had been 5 years since she last saw her ex.

Gabby smiled, quickly remembering she hadn't brushed her teeth yet. She ventured to talk hoping her voice sounded stronger than she felt.
"Hey DJ! Yes yes it is me. What are you doing here? How have you been? Why are you here? Are you still in the area? What.. what.. Hey? How are you?"

DJ chuckled, "I'm great, made VP doing really good, What brings you here on your favorite holiday? You normally spent it in a cocktail dress accompanying me to dinner. Why are you here? Like that?"

DJ took two swift steps invading Gabby's personal space. Gabby's ex reached out finding a rouge curl and twirled it.
"Listen, I can ditch my chick for the night and take you out. It's obvious your single, maybe this is a sign from your God person. Maybe you needed some time alone to realize I am the one you need to be with. I'm assuming that ministry thing you left me for wasn't very lucrative huh? It's ok you miss me. I'll even let you do that Jesus stuff I've grown. I was wrong to look down on for your beliefs you can help the hungry or whatever, and I can keep you looking good while you do it. How's that? You ready to live?"

Gabby's mouth fell open. The audacity to assume because she was dressed homeless chic she was single and miserable. The idea that her current look was somehow related to her decision to follow God 5 years was not only rude but extremely laughable. Gabby thought about how ludicrous DJs statements were and began laughing.

This was not just a normal chuckle this was a deep hard laugh. She tried to get her words together.
"You think? Haahahaa I'm haaahaaahaaa wow that's Haaahaaahahaaa." The tears started to flow she could not hold herself together. The aminigauted gall to assume was so DJ. Such a pretentious jerk. Oh wow how she was happy to be delivered from that mess. And all she could do was look at DJ and laugh. The laugh was contagious. DJ started laughing too. Unaware but amused.

"Wow thank you, Thank you very much that was a great laugh. I am not single, I'm actually on my third year of marriage, I have twin 2 year olds. And my new Valentine's Day ritual is to make love to my spouse eat Chinese food and get a good night sleep. We actually came out to get some supplies. Gatorade, strawberries, pineapple, you know stuff you wouldn't ever try. So No, I'm not at all interested in going back to you. I also am working on my third book deal, and I am 3 months away from starting my 2nd national tour speaking to God's people about Love and Acceptance."
Ever the dickhead, DJ snickered and says

"Yeah sure, and where is the mystery mate today? Out with some more appealing lady?"

On nothing less than Godly timing Gabby heard her named called.  

"Gabe! Gabe! Man, I thought we were supposed to meet up in the Ice cream aisle? Why haven't you left the produce section? You be slacking" They exchanged a quick kiss.

"I want you to meet someone. Um, Candy here was confused in the woman's aisle, I was telling her about that cup thingy,  told her I would let you explain it cause I still don't fully understand"

Gabby shook Candy's, feeling sorry for Candy have to walk all the way over here to talk about her period she was probably mortified.
"Hello, nice to meet you, here just take my number we can sit and talk about it over coffee or wine or something, you look all dolled up to go out."
Candy smiled "Wow, thank you very much. You are actually talking to my date, we are on our way out to dinner, but I would love to take about the menstrual cups I have so many questions"
"DJ is your date?"
"Whose DJ?" Dre asked while preoccupied nibbling Gabbys' ear
"Honey, this is DJ we dated 5 years ago. We broke up so I could focus on God and find myself, DJ was not very supportive of my ministry dreams. Thinks religion is for us unsmart folk"
Dre smiled "Oh so nice to meet you. I'm so glad it didn't work out, I'm happy for your lost, I mean I don't know what to say"  Gabby watched Dre and began laughing again.
"Gabe? Why would you call her Gabe? Her name is Gabriella not that of a pre hormonal boy."
"It's Gabe cause it rhymes with Babe and Gabriella is her professional name I'm the only one to call her Gabe. Dre smiled, gave Gabby the "make it better look", looked at DJ and said, "So, it was great to meet you uhh PJ? I hope you and Candy here have a great night, I'm guessing not so much for you since she's on the rag but hey what can you do? We need to get going, I have plans for this lady that includes those strawberries and this heavy cream"
Dre grabbed Gabby's hand they gave a wave and briskly walked away. Gabby was still laughing when they got in the car. She said a quick prayer for DJ and Candy's heart hoping they would find God, if they hadn't already,  she said a prayer of thanks for such a great life and asked for forgiveness for hoping Candy bleed all over DJ's car. She took a deep breath and drank her gatorade, she couldn't afford to get a cramp in the next few hours.  

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