Thursday, August 7, 2014

SELF CHALLENGE!! Lets Journal Out Loud!

So I've been having a hard few - life. Yeah, that sums it up BUT these last few months since school started have been especially difficult for some reason. However, I'm pretty sure it's all for comic relief in the end. 

And in the slight chance that If I ever become unsure of God's comedic geniusness  I just remember the platypus. It's a duck and a beaver and it's named platypus (that my friends is comedy!) 

Through it all I've been wanting to write. The problem, my topics where all over the place. I wanted to bring something of substance something that was meaningful, something interesting and all I had was me. (WOW that was deep) Me, and my life, my complicated, messy, hard to understand life. I repeatedly said to myself nobody wants to hear this craziness but one day you should write a book. It was/is so confusing. Then after a few hours or thought  I decided to simply Journal Out Loud. 

This is the plan, I'm going to use this blog as a  journal, honest and true. I'm gong to try really hard to not worry about what anyone else will get from it or  learn. I will not wonder what you might think of me if i say ouch or $hit and I will try really hard to just be me. Out loud in Black and white... or Rainbow. I promise to be honest and open. I promise to tell as much as my truth as I can and I promise to commit to do this for a year. a full year.. whats today? Ok SO Aug 8th 2015 I will have at least 52 blog entries. (Once a week folks) 

And for those Christ Lovers I know 

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